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I think Carington Park is a wonderful place for my brother. The people who work there are a blessing and God sent. Thank you for helping the patients there. God bless everyone.


I am the guardian of a resident at Carington Park. Everyone employed is very helpful and keep me apprised of every situation. They make communication easy and I am grateful for the care they extend to their residents. Thank you for all you do!


As a guardian of my relative I have been in touch with the staff of Carington Park for many years. Everyone there has always been helpful, pleasant and responsive to my questions or concerns as related to my relative. I am grateful for all their effort to make my relative comfortable and provide him with care and quality of life that best suits his needs. Thank you, sincerely.


I am always treated with respect and my questions about my ward are answered to my satisfaction. I get calls to alert me to my issues affecting my ward. She is very happy at Carington.


I am the guardian for [a Carington Park resident].  Staff is very informative and helpful with me being a new guardian.


When my brother, Mark, first came to Carington Park, he was in bad shape.  The staff at Carington Park worked with Mark, patiently and with care, and today he is back to his old self… this is such a blessing to have him back to his normal and I and so thankful for Carington Park staff for helping Mark to get better. Thank you!


From the very beginning, your staff helped me get the care that Brad needed. Your staff is amazing! They all have smiles on their faces. They love what they do. The care that they give Brad is great. I love this place - I almost wish I could there! Brad loves living here. Any time I have a problem of care for Brad someone is always willing to get him that care. Thank all of you so much. It's nice to know Brad is having a good place to live and that he is getting good care.


I am so glad my brother is at Carington Park!
The way the staff help and care for him are exceptional. The staff is so cheerful that it helps the residents be happier! The staff is intent on doing a great job.


Your staff is the best. I want to thank all of you for the excellent care that my mother received while in your care. From Brenda in admissions to Chris in the business office, to Dan in activities, the girls at the front desk, and particularly the nurses and aids in A-Wing. The nurses kept me constantly informed and produced whatever we asked for. I would like to especially recognize Shirley and Rosie as my mom loved them - as do I. All were so kind and helpful. Thank you again for providing excellent care and personal concern.


I like living here. Care and meals are great. If something needs fixed it's done right away. I would recommend this place to everyone! They take great care of me and they took great care of my husband as well.


The staff at Carington Park always has a smile. They made my stay feel like home.


I was there for short rehab. The staff was amazing and kind. My stay there was great!


I was impressed with Carington Park's admiration for veterans. They opened a dedicated veterans wing in November 2017 and they conduct a ceremony on Veterans Day honoring their veteran residents every year. I was honored to be invited to present certificates of appreciation and pin veterans this year. Carington Park's staff goes above and beyond for their veterans and residents.


It has been very positive. I always say to my colleagues that I like being in the building as the nurses are highly competent and the staff is friendly and cooperative. Thank you very much!


Wonderful - helped me enormously.


Had a good visit with my aunt - painted her nails pink with glitter and played a game of cards. Everyone is so nice and very helpful. I hope to have more great visits with her and all of the nice staff wouldn't change anything about it.


It took me a little while to do this due to my emotions, as I just lost my Mom in October, but I was not going to let the opportunity slip by. My Mom, Lois, became a part of the Carington Park Family and I can't put enough emphasis on that word FAMILY because that's exactly what they are, in early 2008.
Having to place her in a nursing facility was the single hardest thing I've ever had to do, at the time. It turned out to be the best!!! She got exactly what she needed. More love, care, attention, than she could ever have asked for. Every one of these men and women is an angel beyond description. Four years ago, two staff members noticed that Mom was not acting right and pulled her aside and called 9-1-1. That saved her life and gave me a few more years with her. The true love and care were never more apparent than when Mom would see someone who had been off for a while, she would tear up. She absolutely loved them, and I've never had any doubt in their compassion or competence. There simply are not words that I can put to paper to really convey the eternal gratitude and love I have for every one of these folks. Thank you all for loving, doting on and taking such amazing care of "Mama D" for the 10 years you had her. She touched your lives, and you touched ours


It's pretty nice here...Therapy is nice and helping me walk again, and keeping my muscles flexible. They have been a great help.


Brad gets whatever he needs. The staff at Carington are wonderful. They go out to different places to eat two to three times a month. The staff takes time to talk to client and family. I'm glad Brad is here.


I've been made to feel welcome by the staff. I'm happy with the cleanliness of the facility. 


This place is like being in heaven.


I have been a resident at Carington Park for 20 years. I like all of my nurses and aides and doctors. I like to socialize with my peers. I am a very luck guy.


We all know each other here. I love everybody. I really do like it here.


The staff is wonderful...they are great people. I love their attitude. They helped me be more responsible for myself - things like taking my showers, making my bed, and cleaning my room. It makes me feel good about myself.


I like Carington Park. It's a spacious building with plenty of space to go for a walk. All the aides and the nurses make a great crew. They really try and do a great job. The staff are really kind and have good words to say. That makes me feel great.


I love your staff. You took good care of me. You gave me baths whenever I asked. I enjoyed being here. I like the tender, loving care you give me. You gave me respect. You treat me with dignity. I love y'all and I'm gonna miss y'all when I leave. I appreciate that.


Since I came here I have friends I can talk to. I like the staff (Jen B, Karly, Pam M, Brent, Kelly B, Jessica M, Amber Y, Amber S, Julie R, Cyndie W). They talk to you like you are a human being. I would recommend anyone come here to life if they need to.


My son has been a resident at your facility for 15 years. He’s safe, clean, fed and medicated. Thank you all at Carington for providing a safe place for Jason.


Delmar is in much better care here...The staff is much more amicable and helpful. We've eaten lunch here for three days and the food is tasty. Please continue to care for Del as if he was your own Grandpa.


My experience at Carington Park is they give better care, the nurses rock, the staff gives respect and respect each other.
Staff notices little changes in patients; therefore, they are getting better care...


I had a good stay at Carington Park. All personnel was very helpful in my rehab, would recommend to everybody.


Jen Bern is nice, she gets me things I need. She always says, "Hi," to me and that makes me feel good.
Amber Young is very nice to me. She treats me nice, I look forward to her being here because she treats me nice. It makes me feel good.
Cyndie Whetro always says, "Hi," to me and gets me the things I want. She has a nice personality. She makes me feel good.
Karley Febel treats me nice. She always says, "Hi," to me even when I am mad. When she says, "Hi," to me when I am mad it makes me feel better.
Holly Lane smiles at me and always says, "Hi," to me, treats me nice, she always puts me on the list to do activities. I can't wait to go shopping and ball games and other activities outside of the building.
Cherie Snyder gives me the things I need. She always says, "Hi," and tells me she likes me. It's important to me to hear people tell me they like me because it makes my mood better.


Good. Excellent!

John M.

I am very thankful for the care my father, Gilbert, recieves. The aides are fantastic at getting my dad up, dressing him, getting him to the bathroom, giving him showers, and taking time to talk to him.
The nurses are very giving and don't rush him. Thanks for all you do.


The girls here take great care of me. The stuffed peppers are great as well.


My care here is fabulous. The place is clean. The aides and nurses are great.


My stay here has been wonderful.

Mr. Eaton

The therapy department is great and nursing staff is amazing.


I have only been here a few months but hope to make it permanent since I'm hospice the Nurses are wonderful. Valerie goes above and beyond when I have a have a problem. Lori, Nancy, Trista, Cheyvon, Sherry and many more Nurses are amazing. They feeling like family...STNAs Lori, Em, Maria, Rosa, and again many more are like family they ALL go above and beyond to help us. I do love it I have a lot of friends here. Admin does an amazing job with everyone's wants, needs & hopes.


I would just like to say, that I like the people at Carington Park nursing home. They aim to please the residents. They also try and make it nice for the residents birthdays and holidays! Everyone here at Carington Park, work hard at what they do and also aim to please the people! and residents. Thank you!


It is a great place and the people are awesome. Always fun with the nurses and they always help when I need help.


Carington Park is amazing their wound care nurse Jenny was able to heal 3 wounds in 3 months that I had spent 6 years trying to get healed in many other places with no success. Jenny is so caring and extremely knowledgable. Mark the NP Is also amazing, very reassuring, comforting, and is always willing to take the time to discuss my purpose and answer my questions. If you are in need of wound care Carington Park is your place.


I can't say enough wonderful things about this place. The staff care about the clients so much. I can tell they really would be helpful no matter what it takes.
I know my husband is well taken care of here.
Carington Park is a wonderful place.


Dear Carington Park Staff,
This has to be the greatest nursing home ever. When I brought my brother into this facility a year ago, he was in very bad shape. After all this time, today he is a changed man, and it's amazing the job you have done with him. I know his dementia is really bad, but he is clean, well cared for, healthy, and looks great. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the staff for doing such a great job. I have worked at a local nursing home, and let me tell you Carington Park is above all the rest. Other staff hate their jobs and show it. Not Carrington Park, the staff are amazing and show they like their job and show it. I have no worries about the care of my brother. Thank you, and God bless everyone.

Linda S.

Excellent Staff here at Carington Park. Davida STNA 7p-7a, Housekeeper Erin 7a-3p are amazing, and Toni H. STNA is a great Lady!


The nursing team took great care of my foot and the therapy team got me up and moving again. I get to go home what more could I ask for?!


The staff is attentive to needs and are very nice to conversate with. They really care about the residents and their well-being. I like how they encourage you to do your best with therapy and to join group sessions or activities. The food is decent too.


Friendly people full of love, I couldn't be treated better. The food was delicious! The cleaning ladies do a fantastic job on the room and the therapy team helped me get back home to my wife.


Medical team was great and the food was good. The staff is upbeat and kind!

Daniel A.

The nurses + aides + all the staff (Therapy, Activities + Dietary) were very nice and treated me as if I were family. I felt right at home. All the residents I met were also very friendly. I had a very nice stay.

Judith S.

I believe everyone here has treated me well. All of the nurses, nurse's aides, hospitality, and therapists made me feel like I was in good hands. The stigma of nursing homes tends to be negative in the public eye but I will personally vouch for Carington Park.